MARK.SPACE invites everyone to the opening of the first three-dimensional shopping center, consisting of e-commerce units (three-dimensional and VR-compatible web spaces)!

After the successful launch of Visualization No. 2, as well as the rapidly ongoing occupancy of the (non-commercial) residency units, the launch of the shopping center is a huge, albeit the very first, step to develop global online shopping on the platform. The MARK.SPACE team is constantly evolving and adding new features and technical capabilities to improve the quality of e-commerce units.

All stores represented in the first MODA.MARK.SPACE shopping center are active, and the items and products presented are real. Each user can already walk along the beautiful streets of the shopping center, look into the virtual stores of famous fashion brands, study in detail the products they like and easily purchase them through the websites of the presented brands.

All the shops of the MODA.MARK.SPACE shopping center are a three-dimensional and VR-compatible version of the MARK.MODA platform, an innovative fashion-service and partner of MARK.SPACE. This is a social network with marketplace elements, which gives everyone the opportunity to join the fashion world: create looks as a professional stylist and make purchases by choosing the best offers from world's leading online stores. Last fall, MARK.MODA successfully tested the platform’s soft launch (trial version) in Russia and is now preparing to enter the international market.

In turn, the products on MARK.MODA (from over 160 brands) are available thanks to Farfetch, a well-known online platform that gives fashionistas unlimited access to the best boutiques and brands in the world. In the virtual shopping center MODA.MARK.SPACE, each brand's products are sorted by individual stores. This can be compared with the usual filtering or sorting options users are used to in regular online stores.

MARK.SPACE Team is pleased to announce that one of the first virtual stores with full three-dimensional products will be the famous Japanese women's shoes brand NT, which is a trademark of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.

We invite all guests and users to visit the virtual shops on MARK.SPACE! The functionality that allows users to create their own stores is still in closed testing, but will soon be available too. Stay tuned for updates!