Latest platform updates


Some of you have followed us from the very beginning, and some joined only recently. Either way, you already know a lot about MARK.SPACE. However, we almost did not share information about what is happening behind the scenes; how 3D spaces are created. From now on, we will share such information regarding innovations on the platform.

✔ Model visualization and optimization:
- we use the best world practices in 3D, which are used by gaming studios and companies to minimize the amount of memory occupied by objects;
- we will develop three-dimensional objects with minimal memory consumption for their storage;
- when creating objects in computer graphics, we rely on PBR (Physically Based Rendering);
- our main goal is to quickly obtain a model using free tools to create 3D, thats why we use the Blender 3D editor.

✔ For virtual shopping we developed a modern-style gallery design. When developing this design, we took into account current trends:

- High multi-level ceilings, including hanging installations of lamps in the form of golden tubes
- Mirror surface of the ceiling
- Using such materials as: white marble, gray marble, gold, mirrors.

✔ Development of the functionality of the platform:
– we are constantly working on expanding the capabilities of the platform and recently have added materials for metal surfaces of objects (from left to right: gold, silver, aluminum, iron, copper, titanium, nickel, cobalt, platinum)

- also we added materials for wooden surfaces